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Christmas is coming – There is money to be made!

Making the festive period lucrative

With the festive period just around the corner there is so much to look forward to! But taking your eye off the ball during the run up to Christmas may just lose you a lot of money. Preparing for the festive period is so important for all avenues of business. The dynamics of life change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse depending what type of business you are running. If your running a festive business such as a personalised letter from Santa, the run up to the final months of the year are crucial as this is the only time of year to maximise earnings. If you have a restaurant, you must have your marketing in place by October to ensure you are full up with Christmas works parties in the run up to Christmas. But if you are running a gym or you are a personal trainer, the chances are it will be quiet but it is vitally important that you prepare for the new years rush.


Planning a few months in advance working off a strategic plan is always the best way to maximise profits around Christmas. And if you have the type of business that doesn’t usually make money around the festive periods, think outside the box such as selling vouchers for your products or service.

The biggest shopping day of the year now is black Friday. Black Friday 2016 is set to be record sales in retail across the country. With the likes of Curry’s anticipating an online sale every couple of seconds. Anyone who doesn’t prepare for Black Friday is crazy, its a huge money spinner and even if you don’t sell products, think outside the box and offer some sort of discount on your service or vouchers.

Black Friday 2016

We prepare our businesses during the festive period with a strategic plan. We know what we are going to do before the summer leaves us. We analyse the keywords we want to rank for, we analyse the markets we want to hit, we analyse the best sources of marketing, we set up a Facebook plan finding the perfect demographics to ensure our ads will only land in front of people who may buy. We set up email funnels to ensure our subscribers are put through an educational process to higher chances to land a sale.

Putting all this into prospective and rounding everything up. Christmas can be a very lucrative time of the year, but make sure you prepare for it.

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